S.A.Van - Author
Character Profiles
Jenna Reed
     "I'm swearing off men for the summer."
Young English teacher at the Myers-Mill Academy.  Her summer vacation takes an unexpected turn when Jenna finds a mysterious letter at her family's beach house.  Soon she is propelled into a cat-and-mouse game with a ruthless modern-day pirate who will stop at nothing to find five solid-gold artifacts rumored to be the Lost treasure of Blackbeard - an elephant, a tiger, a monkey, a giraffe and a lion.  Along her journey to honor her mother's wishes and keep the treasure pieces hidden, Jenna meets and becomes romantically involved with travelling author and historian, Chase Garrett.
Chase Garrett
    "I'll give you whatever you want, Jenna.  Space. Time. My heart."
Historian and popular author of Pirates on the East Coast. Chase meets Jenna when she interviews him for the Cape May Gazette.  Chase is instantly charmed by Jenna, and convinces her to give him a personal tour of Cape May.  Even though they part ways when Jenna pursues a clue taking her to Manassas, Virginia, Chase comes to her rescue after Jenna is kidnapped.  Tragedy and suspense draw them closer, until neither can deny the passion which has intensified between them.
Mason Hamilton
    "I assure you, Ms. Reed, Hell wouldn't even want me."
Managing director of the Hamilton-Knox Foundation ("H-K"), a world-renown sponsor of museum exhibits.  Mason will stop at nothing to obtain the Blackbeard treasure pieces, stolen from him thirty-years ago by his mistress.  His resource in New Jersey informs him Jenna has found an old letter which may contain information pointing to the location of the treasure pieces.  Mason sends his team to find Jenna in Virginia and persuade her to tell them what she knows.  Mason tolerates no failures.  When Jenna does not appear to be cooperative, he resorts to hiring  an international hit man known only as The Closer to seal the deal.
Jonathan Knox
    "If and when I seduce you, Jenna Reed, I guarantee you it won't be with words."
Mason's soon-to-be successor at the helm of H-K.  Jonathan is tasked with using his seductive maneuvers to win over Jenna and entice her to reveal the location of the treasure .  Chemistry ignites between them although Jenna denies there is any attraction.  Jonathan sees through Mason's scheme and when Jenna's life is threatened, his loyalties change dramatically.  He now wants to become Jenna's protector but finds himself standing in line...Chase Garrett has already beat him to it.
Maria Turette
    "I have a score to settle with Mason Hamilton."
FBI Senior-Agent-in-Charge.  Maria has been after Mason Hamilton for many years to prove his involvement in a an illegal scheme to coerce museum curators to give up priceless artifacts.  She  waits anxiously for him to slip up so she can haul him straight to jail.  But Mason always seems to be one step ahead of the relentless agent to the point of baiting her at times to continue the challenge.  Maria harbors a secret of her own which drives her to do whatever it takes to keep her family and friends safe...even though her attempts are sometimes failures in themselves.
Austin Reed
    "We can make better memories...together."
Brother of Jenna Reed. Austin is thrown into the mix of mayhem when he is attacked outside of his apartment in Philadelphia by a mysterious man with a Russian mob tattoo.  After his life is threatened, Austin joins his sister Jenna in Cape May and tells her the assailant wanted information about a treasure and specifically mentioned Jenna's name.  Austin unknowlingly falls victim once again to the underhanded foils of Mason Hamilton, as Mason sends his daughter  Kelly to seduce him.  Austin is unaware he's being deceived, and welcomes Kelly's advances to the point of falling in love with her.
Kelly McBride
    "My father has everyone wrapped around his little finger."
Daughter of Mason Hamilton, Kelly is coerced by her father to spy on Jenna and Austin Reed. For the past year, she has worked alongside of Jenna at the Myers-Mill Academy teaching history, a position her father secured for her so she could keep a watchful eye on Jenna.  Now that summer's out, Kelly follows Jenna to Cape May only to find Jenna has taken off for Virginia. Kelly meets Jenna's brother Austin and is soon given new orders from her father - she is to use her mind and body to convince Austin to reveal information about the treasure.  Kelly fails in her attempts to extract details about the treasure, but in the process, finds herself falling for Austin.
Teresa Maylor
    "One day this will all make sense."
Friend and neighbor of the Reeds.  Teresa supports Jenna in her quest to find the truth, knowing full well it may be too painful to bear.  Teresa has alliances from her past which will invoke her involvement as the drama unfolds into a fight for survival.  She lives with George her common-law husband in Cape May, keeping a watchful eye on him as she fears he is  keeping a wayward eye on Jenna.
Hans Kliric
    "Now we scare them."
Mason Hamilton's strong-armed assistant.  Hans was smuggled into the United States by Mason several years ago from Russia when he proved his barbaric talents of coercion.  Hans soon develops a sadistic penchant for Jenna Reed and never misses an opportunity to make her skin crawl.  Hans' absolute loyalty to Mason will be tested when The Closer takes the reins, reducing Hans to the level of an obedient dog.
The Closer
    "Trust is an overrated concept."
International assasin feared in many underground circles.  Mason hires The Closer to handle matters when Hans Kliric and Jonathan Knox prove their incapability of threatening Jenna Reed to give up the treasure pieces.  The Closer will take on any job for the right price, without remorse.  He is known for his signature kill - a creative,  lethal  maneuver he has perfected with a rare hunting knife. He loses patience for Mason's little games, knowing the outcome is inevitable.  Torn between his commitment to the love of his life in Texas and giving into the demands of his partner-in-crime, Mallory Kincaid, The Closer finds it is a delicate balance to please the women who seek to possess him.
Damian Pierce
    "He's toying with you, Maria.  Can't you see that?"
FBI Special Agent and husband of Maria Turette.  Damian's special sniper skills may come in handy when Maria coordinates a mission to take down Mason Hamilton once and for all.  Damian provides comfort and support to Maria, keeping her grounded amidst all the turmoil which has consumed her life for so long.  Damian knows better than anyone how Maria has personally suffered in her pursuit to bring Mason to justice. 
Brett Jacoby
    Well I can attest to the fact that you’re a tough broad, if you need me to…and secondly, if anyone doesn’t give you respect, I’ll sic Thompson on them.”
FBI Special Agent and second-in-command to Maria Turette.   Jacoby's keen ability to read people and decipher technological advances is quite an asset to Maria's team.   His attempts at dry humor are wasted on most people but he redeems himself by being one of the people Maria trusts the most.   Jacoby takes charge in Maria's absence but  never hesitates to step aside when Maria resumes command.
Mick Thompson
    "I like having steak...out...like in a restaurant.  Not sitting for hours confined to a car."
FBI Agent and partner to Brett Jacoby.  One of Maria Turette's right-hand men.  Thompson provides the muscle and an intimidating stance to get the job done.  He is a man of action who has no desire or patience to analyze pc screens or reports.  He'd rather be cleaning his gun or tracking down killers. The only piece of technology Thompson embraces is Jacoby's iPad when he can pull up a Major League game to while away the hours during stakeouts.
Mallory Kincaid
    "Oh, quit the drama.  I know what you need and it isn't always mission-related."
Actress and accomplice of the The Closer.  Mallory is willing to do just about anything to make The Closer happy, and she's done quite a bit over the years acting as his alibi.  She demands his attention and a high fee to perform her job tasks.  She knows just how to work her magic, professionally and privately.  Mallory knows more about The Closer than anyone else, which makes her his most trusted ally.