S.A.Van - Author



COUNTERPLAY, the first novel in The Counter Series introduces main character Jenna Reed, and her search for the truth about her mother's involvement in a thirty-year old plot to hide five gold animal figurines, believed to be the lost treasure of Blackbeard.  Jenna finds the determination she needs in her mother's last piece of correspondence to ally herself with FBI Special Agent Maria Turette to take down the man responsible for threats to her life, the kidnapping of her brother and the murder of her parents.
COUNTERACT, the second novel in The Counter Series continues the story as Jenna helps Damian Pierce locate his wife FBI Agent Maria Turette who has mysteriously disappeared.  A ransom note arrives with a specific demand - the four remaining treasure pieces.  But Mason Hamilton is out of the country - who is orchestrating such a move on his behalf?  The infamous Closer.
COUNTERATTACK, the third novel in The Counter Series takes the action to a pinnacle point.  Kelly and Austin are missing just days before their wedding.  Another mysterious note indicates Mason Hamilton may be pulling the strings to retaliate against his wayward daughter.  Jenna realizes the list of people she can trust is growing dangerously small.  Determined to take matters into her own hands, she devices a plan to face Hamilton alone.  She can't rely on Chase who is facing his own demons.  And Jonathan Knox seems to be preoccupied with a new challenge in his life, feisty but fun undercover agent, Ann Bailey.  Choices must be made and sides must be chosen which will bring most of the characters to their knees.
 COUNTERPOINT, the fourth novel in The Counter Series finds Jenna reeling from the devastating news about Chase.  Heart-pounding details about her mother cause Jenna to go underground, dangerously separating herself from the people who are trying to protect her.


COUNTERBALANCE, the fifth and final novel in The Counter Series closes the saga with Jenna and Maria standing defiantly at a showdown with Mason Hamilton and his deadly accomplices.